Brow Tinting & Waxing

Brow Sculpture: Includes wax, style & tint.
Signature Brow Sculpt: Are you looking for that full glam brow transformation? If yes, this could be the treatment for you! The signature brow sculpt is a combination of brow lamination and hybrid brow. This is perfect for a client that is after a longer lasting full glam brow look. Hybrid brow also known as "brow dye" is the product we use that creates that dense stain. It is a lot like tint although is longer lasting and gives a dense brow look. Lamination is recommended every 6-8 weeks with coming back between appointments for a hybrid brow treatment to refresh the dye again. It is recommended not to wet your brows for 24-48hrs after treatment and use a brow balm to maintain this brow look.
Brow tint: Looking for a more softer brow look? We've got you! Brow tint is amazing to add a little bit of colour leaving a nice temporary hair and skin tint. This treatment will last anywhere from 5 days - 2 weeks. It is important to understand that it can take 24hrs for your brows to settle into its colour.