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Welcome to Cosmetic Tattooing by Eliza


Cosmetic Brow Tattooing

Cosmetic BROWS, we know that natural beauty is best. Cosmetic tattooing will give you symmetry, definition and beautiful shape. More confidence and you don’t have to lift a pencil.
Our Cosmetic Tattoo procedures include a comprehensive consultation to ensure we discuss each clients individual needs and create a customised treatment plan unique to each client. We do not use stencils, each cosmetic tattoo is an individual work of art and our tattooist are artists which are highly trained and up to date with the highest grade technology! 
*A 4-6 weeks touch up session is included in all our prices*


Ombre Brows

This technique involves tiny pixels of pigment implanted throughout the brow creating the illusion of more defined brows. This technique is great for clients that love the look of tinted or makeup brows and are looking for less maintenance and more definition.

Our Ombre techniques are super soft and natural with the start of your brows being soft and powdery and the arch and tail of your brows slightly darker and more defined. Perfect for clients that fill in their brows each day and those that wear makeup more often.

Combination Brows

This technique is a combination of both Feather and Ombre brow with both hair strokes and shading throughout the brow. The best of both worlds! Combination Brows are perfect for clients with existing tattoos in need of correction or clients with sparse or gappy brows. This technique can be done as natural or as bold as the client desires and we discuss your individual goals during your appointment.